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The Terpene Store has been pioneering the industry with high-quality, lab-tested terpenes for over five years. However, we’re committed to doing more than just providing superior terps and top-notch customer service. As your number one source for exquisite terpenes, we want to go even further.

There is an overabundance of information out there about terpenes and terpene uses, and terpene benefits — some good, some bad, and some just flat out absurd. Navigating through the ocean of misinformation can be challenging. We want to help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of it all: the facts.

Weed bud to add terpenes to

Why You Should Add Terpenes to Your Flower This 4/20

We’re all familiar with the many smells of cannabis, some more pungent than others. At …

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Natural Skin Care Routine with Terpenes

It’s not much of a secret anymore that using terpenes has the potential to provide …

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cannabis plant with a vial and dropper

Know Your Terpenes: Here’s a List of the Top Terpenes You Need to Know

When you start diving into the world of terpenes and really thinking about all of …

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Christmas cookies

Best Holiday Flavor Formulations to Bring On the Seasonal Spirit

The holidays are approaching once again. That means lots of shopping, get-togethers with family, and …

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5 Non-Cannabis Uses for Terpenes

While they’re great for enhancing your smoking and vaping experiences, what else are terpenes used …

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woman cooking with terpenes

How to Cook with Terpenes

In addition to their natural wellness benefits, using terpenes in food can enhance your meals …

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roundup of best-tasting terpenes around The Terpene Store box

The Best Tasting Terpene Flavors of 2021

With over 200 unique flavor profiles in The Terpene Store’s expansive library, it is impossible …

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different types of terpenes in bottles

Differences Between Synthetic, Botanical, and Cannabinoid Terpenes

Though most commonly associated with cannabis, terpenes are aromatic compounds found in most plants, not just marijuana! …

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cannabis plant and floral arrangement with text

The Most Commonly Found Terpenes in Cannabis

Many of us have heard about the wonders of terpenes, and how they tend to …

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Terpene Benefits

You know what terpenes are, but do you know all the ways they can help you? Terpenes provide way more than flavor and smell to your formulations. They actually have a multitude of other beneficial properties as well, such as aromatherapy. Our blog will touch on the versatile uses terpenes have and all the unexpected ways that they can help enrich your life experiences. The Terpene Store aims to provide the same level of quality with our blog posts as we do with our products. On our blog, we’ll be exploring how terpenes can be used, where you can find terpenes, industry trends, news, and more insightful content aimed to both educate and entertain. Whether you’ve been exploring terpene benefits for a while or are just getting your feet wet, we want to help keep you in the loop!

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