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Manufactured in our ISO 7, Class 10,000 cleanroom

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All ingredients are food grade (non-cannabis derived)

Over 200 ingredients to create complex flavor profiles

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When our journey developing high quality liquid terpenes began, we immediately noticed the market was full of impure, diluted products. The industry standard wasn’t cutting it, so we raised the bar.

All of our products are produced in an ISO 7, Class 10,000 cleanroom with high-grade HEPA filtration systems. This ensures our terpenes are free of dust particles and contaminants. After production, we go one step further. Each product is third-party tested by Cannasafe and SC Labs so that we only offer the highest quality terpenes available for sale.

These clean, rigorous procedures set our terpenes apart. You can taste the difference. Our team of scientists uses over 200 ingredients to create complex, accurate, and pure flavor profiles. We never use Squalene, Squalane, Vitamin E Acetate, Propylene Glycol, or MCT Oil. We take pride in creating quality products free of harmful ingredients.

The beauty of clean, premium terpenes is their flexibility. Whether you’re looking to elevate your vape experience, or use our liquid terpenes to flavor your own edibles and beverages, you can’t beat the flavor of clean, high-quality terpenes. When you buy our terpenes online, you can be sure you’re getting only pure, premium flavor.

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It’s time to elevate your flavor game. We’ve created over 200 flavor options and several unique terpene products for you to explore, from our Terpifuse Bucket Kit to our Vibe experience. All of the terpenes and terpene products we have for sale on our site are produced as exclusively food grade, non-cannabis derived. There’s no THC in our products, just exquisite flavor.

Looking for a more tailored terpene experience? We’ve got good news: The Terpene Store offers custom flavoring and unique sample packs of terpenes for sale. Try a selection of our most popular flavors, or select your own with our custom sample pack option.

Our custom formulations give you full control over your terpenes. As an emerging terpene brand, we pride ourselves in disrupting the industry by making you the flavor specialists. Work directly with our team of experts to design your custom terpene solution today! If you’re a qualifying business, we’ll even send you a free sample pack, so you can start learning what iconic flavors you want to make next. Buying terpenes online has never before let you have this much control.

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We created this company to deliver excellence to our customers, from the products we sell to the service we deliver. We strive to offer all orders same-day and next-day shipping, and all orders over $100 ship completely free of charge.

At The Terpene Store, we’re dedicated to clear lines of communication and full product transparency. We publish full lab test results of our formulations so you can be confident we only offer premium terpenes for sale. We want you to be sure you’re getting nothing but the exquisite terpene experience you deserve when you buy terpenes online!


We’re known as the Flavor House of the Cannabis Industry for a reason. Dedicated to providing the highest quality possible, we’ve curated a selection of truly unique flavors for you to experience.

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With more than 200 flavors to choose from, we know the options can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. Whether you’re searching for more information about terpenes, or need help finding the right product for your lifestyle, we’ve got answers.

Reach out today! Our flavor consultants are standing by.

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