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Terpene Enhancers

Searching to fine tune your perfect flavor? Terpene Enhancers are designed for the ultimate flavor connoisseurs! All Enhancers must be added to our existing terpene profiles to give it that extra punch and complexity. We started as the creators of Skunkify™ and have expanded the palate to bring you even more flavor notes! These are highly concentrated and should be used with extra care.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Terpene Enhancers do?

A lot of people add spices to foods to create a distinct flavor. Our line of terpene boosters do something similar: they add specific terpenes that “enhance” the taste and aroma of a formulation with particular flavors. For example, mixing Gasify with terpene formulations produces powerful flavors and scents that match the experience one has with a “gassy” strain of weed. Some Enhancers have incredible synergy with specific flavors, such as adding Milkify to Peppermint Chocolate to really enrich its sweet, creamy taste. 

Can you ship Enhancers to my location?

Our Enhancing Solutions are THC-free and CBD-free. It’s legal to ship them anywhere in the United States. The Terpene Store also ships orders to Canada and Puerto Rico. Anyone living in the Lower 48 can take advantage of our free shipping offer if they place an order that’s over $100.

How can I test your terpene boosters with different flavors to find the best combination for me?

We know you’ll find the perfect blends because of our extensive product catalog. With over 200 terpene formulations and six Terpene Enhancers available through our website, you’re sure to find plenty of terpene formulations that will satisfy your taste buds and deliver the rich aromas you enjoy. 

The variety of formulations and Enhancers we offer is incredible. But the best part? We make it easy to try them all. We offer an Enhancer Sample Pack, so you can have the chance to try every Enhancer we sell. Combining the Enhancer Sample Pack with our OG 6-Flavor Sample Pack gives you the perfect opportunity to mix and match flavors and find unique blends that satisfy your cravings!

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