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Do your products need that extra skunky, danky, or gassy effect?
Try our SKUNKIFY™ Enhancing Solution! It’s specially formulated for those who want to make their product more intense in smell and taste.

  • Needs to be diluted in Terpenes
  • Approximately 1 drop with our provided dropper (0.01 grams) can treat 5 ml of any of our Terpene mixtures depending on the application and personal preference
  • Start with 1 drop to dilute and go from there. Extremely potent!
  • Once diluted, close the bottle securely. Shake the mixture well and let it rest for 24-48 hours to get best results.
  • Compatible with all our products, pairs especially well with our OG and Kush flavors
  • Intense aroma and flavor – 100 times more powerful than our Terpenes
  • Warning! Highly concentrated – Use caution. Do NOT smell directly from the bottle. (Smell indirectly by holding at arm’s length)

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The Skunk Terpene Blend

If you are looking to boost the danky, gassy effects of your product and really intensify the skunk in your terpenes while still keeping the formula purely botanical, try our exclusive SKUNKIFY Enhancing Solution. We specially formulated this gassy terpene compound to intensify the flavor and aromata of your product without it tasting or smelling artificial. SKUNKIFY Enhancing Solution is EXTREMELY potent and about 100 times more powerful than our terpenes so approach (excitedly) with caution.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions N/A

Limonene, Proprietary blend, Contains 0% THC.

How to Achieve Optimal Skunkyness:

  • Must be diluted in terpenes.
  • Compatible with all of our products, but pairs especially well with our OG and Kush flavors.
  • Use approximately one drop with the provided dropper (0.01 grams) to treat 5 ml of any of our terpene mixtures depending on your personal preference and application.
  • Extremely potent! A little goes a long way — start with one small drop and slowly work your way up from there to achieve the desired skunk terpene experience.
  • Once added, close the bottle securely. Shake the mixture well and let it rest for 24-48 hours for maximum results.
  • Use caution! SKUNKIFY Enhancing Solution is highly concentrated. Do NOT smell the solution directly from the bottle — instead, smell indirectly by holding it at approximately arm’s length and wafting it towards you.

SKUNKIFY Enhancing Solution packs a heavy punch in elevating your terps without the typical psychoactive effects from cannabis derivatives that comes with enjoying the funky flower. When used with our Kush and OG flavors as suggested, this gassy terpene formula creates an organic, harmonious aroma, satisfying bud-lovers far and wide.

About Skunkify

Weight — 4 oz

Ingredients — Limonene (Proprietary blend) Contains 0% THC

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