Yes, our terpenes can be used with vapor liquids. 

However, our products are highly concentrated and meant to be diluted prior to use. as per our genius lawyers, we’d like to inform you that before vaping with our products, consult a physician.

Our terpenes are highly concentrated so for this reason we recommend starting at three percent (3%) or adding 1-2 drops of our Terpenes per gram. At the end of the day, it does depend on what the final application of the terpenes is. Personal preference, will dictate how you fine tune your solution. Consult our Mixing instructions for more details.

No, our terpenes are not derived from cannabis. For the highest quality and consistency, we use naturally derived terpene isolates, essential oils, and flavorings.

We never use PG, VG, PEG, or any other fillers in our products. Our goal is purity, we strive tirelessly to achieve that.

YES! We take great pride and care in producing our products in an ISO 7 Cleanroom following all lab safety procedures. See here for more info on Our Lab.

It is always strongly suggested to dilute our Terpene profiles prior to using, since it is a highly concentrated solution.

Our products are best used within 6 months, if kept a room temperature, away from light and heat. Up to a year if kept refrigerated.

We are currently in a few select locations where our products are available for retail purchase.  If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Retailer of The Terpene Store’s line of products, please reach out here. Minimum order quantity may apply. We will consider all relationships with the right people.

Yes!  Please contact us with which ones you are specifically looking for.

Yes, we do offer volume discounts. Call (855) 837-7363  or email us at info@TheTerpeneStore.com for more info.

Liquify Pro is an all terpene blend made with 100% terpenes which will work to control your viscosity.  It has almost no odor or taste and works perfectly with carts.

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