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When the vape industry began to take off in 2015, we became fascinated with terpenes and the role they play in flavors and aromatics. After carefully experimenting with common, food-grade terpenes, we eventually matched our very first flavor profile: Trainwreck, a sweet and blissful sativa-leaning hybrid…

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trainwreck flavor bottle


For the next few months, we partnered with an analytics lab to continue experimenting, testing, and tweaking our recipe. After months of trial and error, we felt confident enough to slip our new formulation into a vape competition at a holiday party. It was a hit!

Word spread fast about our formula. People wanted to try our terps, so we started bottling and selling locally. Before we knew it, we couldn’t keep up with all of our orders! After only a few months of business, we started hiring employees to help us handle development, sales, and shipping. We also migrated to a bigger facility.

Unlike other terpene manufacturers, we set rigorous clean standards for ourselves early on. We made sure our new facility had a cutting-edge ISO 7, Class 10,000 cleanroom environment. Although it isn’t an industry requirement, we rigorously test every product for heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials, and any foreign particles. The safety and experience of our customers has always been our top priority.

Lab Cleanroom


After settling into our new state-of-the-art headquarters, we focused on discovering new terpene flavors. Since our founding, we have meticulously expanded our flavors from five to over 200 unique profiles. Today, we offer one of the most extensive libraries in the industry featuring an endless variety of flavors, strains, and profiles.

All of our high-grade terpenes are botanically-sourced and FDA-approved for food and flavor use. Each of our blends are guaranteed to have passed the stringent lab-testing thresholds of Cannasafe and SC Labs with flying colors. You can check out our test results yourself right here!

assortment of terpene flavors
hand holding blackberry kush terpene flavor

excellent quality and service

“Super happy with the sample packs we received. Staff is super helpful and terps are better than we were used to buying. Extensive strain specific flavor list. Profiles and formulations are all on point. I won’t be shopping elswhere”

Zen R
Fresh Brothers Hemp


Rooted in our fundamentals, we’re pioneering the industry with terpene formulations that don’t compromise quality, purity, or our values. We continually strive for the next level of excellence for the experience of our customers and fellow industry pioneers. That is our 100% guarantee and The Terpene Store Difference.

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We set rigorous clean standards for ourselves to stand above the rest.  All profiles are 3rd party tested with Cannasafe.

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We set rigorous clean standards for ourselves to stand above the rest.  All profiles are 3rd party tested with Cannasafe.

Every flavor we release goes through multiple rounds of rigorous quality standard checks

Our talented flavor scientists guarantee you the cleanest, most accurate flavors we can create

beaker and graduated cylinder pouring into bigger beaker

over 200 ingredients used to create complex flavor profiles

gears rotating together

manufactured in our iso 7, class 10,000 cleanroom

dropper with fluid

200+ flavors to give you the most variety

splat with leaf in center
all ingredients are food grade (non cannabis derived)
california with leaf

Based in Southern California

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