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At The Terpene Store, our terpenes are high-quality and crafted with special care. We are one of the few terpene manufacturers that use an ISO 7, Class 10,000 cleanroom. Our products are high quality terpenes with absolutely no additives or dust particles. 

We offer our customers over 200 premium flavors and high quality products. At The Terpene Store, we completely transform your cannabis and aromatherapy experience. To put it simply, we are one of the best places to buy terpenes in the industry.

These strain-specific terps deliver the flavor and scent profiles of your favorite flower strains without the cannabinoid ingredients.

Our Synfinite line features over 70 terps that perfectly capture the tastes and aromas of your favorite eats and drinks.

We’ve got all the good vibes to get your mind, body, and soul right. What’s your vibe?

terpifuse solution bottle

The Terpene Store’s proprietary blend of terps and humidifying solution for infusing flavor into your flower with optimal humidity.

sample pack box for the best terpene brand

With over 100 terpenes to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your picks. Our Sample Packs have got you covered. Try them all today!

The Terpene Store’s exclusive, proprietary terpene diluent for seamless mixing without compromising consistency.

Designed for the ultimate flavor connoisseurs! All of our Enhancers must be added to our existing terpene profiles to give it that extra punch and complexity.

all the items included in the Terpifuse Bucket System

The first no-contact, closed environment infusion system on the market that takes the work (and mess) out of infusing terps to your flower.

Why We’re The Best Terpene Brand

The Terpene Store was created when our founders saw the demand for pure, high-quality, and uncontaminated terpenes. Starting with humble beginnings in 2015, we began mixing food-grade terpenes in our kitchen. We spent months experimenting and tweaking our recipe until we finally reached our breakthrough. 

We now pride ourselves in our entrepreneurial spirit that has pushed us to disrupt and lead the growth of the cannabis industry. We’re not a corporation. We’re just people pursuing terpenes to develop the best terpene brand possible.

Custom Flavoring

Enjoy endless flavor possibilities at The Terpene Store! Connect with our flavor consultants and create something that is perfect for you, your needs, and your desires. With our high-quality terpenes, you can get as creative as you’d like to with your custom flavoring options. We’re not just a terpene store; we’re the best place to buy YOUR terpenes.

Both our water-soluble and non-water-soluble terpene formulas are created without any additional ingredients. Many terpene manufacturers use additional harmful ingredients in their terpene solutions like Glycerine, Butylene, or Propylene Glycol. At The Terpene Store, we include none. With our high-quality terpene formulas, we offer the best terpene brand for flavoring beverages, edibles, flower, candy, and more!

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