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We’re flavor connoisseurs who are always searching for great flavors.  We’ve been formulating terpene profiles for 5 years as one of the first in the business.  We wanted to create a way to infuse terpenes into flower and experimented until we found the right solution.  

Our solution is proprietary blend of water, natural vegetable glycerin, emulsifier and the right ratio of terpenes.  It’s tuned to keep your humidity level right around 60% and infuse the right balance of flavor into your material without being overpowering.

Yes.  It is made from HDPE plastic, so it will be highly resistant to terpenes and can be reused.  Once you purchase a full Terpifuse™ Bucket Kit, you can reuse the bucket and order the Terpifuse™ Solution refill.

Instead of physically spraying terpenes on plants, the aroma is infused with the combination of the right amount of terpenes and the right amount of humidity in a closed container at the right conditions (humidity/ terpene content), the flower can infuse and hydrate at the same time.

The solution soaks into the beads after 24 hours and helps to regulate the release of humidity and terpenes evenly.

Spraying only coats the surface area of the flower.  The more delicate and volatile terpenes evaporate and there is an unpleasant taste.  Our product will actually infuse your material with terpenes and will change the aroma and taste as the plant material “breathes” in the solution in an airtight setting.

The Terpene analysis will be affected depending on what Terpifuse™ Solution you choose.  There are no residual solvents, pesticides or anything else added, so if your flower is clean, you will not see any affect aside from the terpene analysis.

Yes, it makes a big difference! For best results, flower should be in the range of 50-55% rH before the process begins. When removing the infused product 2-4 days later, it will be up to 58-62% rH.  (It’s best to start with drier flower as it will retain the flavor better and allow the solution to infuse properly.)

The beads are one time use and along with the Terpifuse Solution, can infuse up to 5 cycles, which is 10 lbs total.  You must use the full pack of beads and the full bottle of Solution to get great results.

The bucket can infuse 2 lbs at a time. You can do this up to 5 times for a total of 10 lbs over a course of 30 days.  Once the bottle of solution has been opened it may start to lose its flavor.  Although we were able to do it much longer, we can’t guarantee results past 30 days.  It will be highly dependent on your ambient conditions and your starting material.

Yes, Terpifuse™ PRO is in the works and is geared towards cultivators and people who need to infuse anywhere from 30-1000+ lbs at one time. Click here to be added to the waitlist so you can be first to know.

After you are completely done with all your cycles,  clean with mild soap and warm water. Dry before next use.  Although the bucket and riser are chemical resistant, we recommend you wash them immediately after you are finished with all your infusion cycles.

Yes, typically a standard 5 gallon bucket can work but you will need the kit for the components. Click here to purchase. We always recommend using our bucket for best results because it is food grade with an airtight lid.

The ideal time is ultimately up to you. Do you want a small hint of strawberry, or a deeper burst of flavor?

In our own experience, we have seen the effects in as little as 2 days.  Keeping it in longer will more deeply infuse the flower and we know some customers choose to leave it for up to 7 days.  Basically, it’s done when you say it’s done!  You are the ultimate flavor creator.

The terpenes are actually infused into the flower, so it will last as long as it normally would.  Keep your infused product stored properly in an airtight container with humidity packs. Please note this is not a miracle preservative!

We did a Terpene analysis of flower, but with and without Terpifuse.  Check here for the test results!

Our terpene blends alone will be way too strong for this use.  Our system contains the correct dose of terpenes, a humectant solution, and timed release to get the right results. It’s tuned for optimal taste!

Our method infuses terpenes back into the flower and will change the terpene analysis.  Check out our test results.

We used 4 buds of Wedding Cake from the same batch to analyze.  The terpenes actually become infused into the flower.

  1. Control: Nothing added
  2. Terpifused ™ with Mango
  3. Terpifused ™ with Super Lemon Haze to try to change the strain.
  4. Terpifused ™ with Wedding Cake to further enhance with its own genetics.

The beads are made from a non-toxic chemical compound called Sodium Polyacrylate, which was developed by the USDA in the 60’s to help famers irrigate their crops. They absorb the solution quickly and then release it slowly over time, allowing your flower to infuse at the right rate.

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