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.25mL, 1mL, 5 mL, 25g, 50g, 100g, Enhancers Sample Pack

What’s in Kushify Enhancing Solution?

  • 100% food-grade ingredients in our top-secret proprietary blend.
  • 0% THC/CBD compounds
  • Includes: 1 disposable dropper
  • Sizes: .25 mL, 1 mL (0.8 g); 5mL (4.2 g); 30 mL (25 g); 60 mL (50 g); 120 mL (100 g)
  • Recommended dose: 1%-5%

Over 200 Flavors

As one of the most expansive libraries of terpene formulations online, we promise you’ll never run out of flavor profiles to play with. Featuring botanical and hemp-derived terps, enhancing solutions, custom flavors, and more — The Terpene Store has got all your bases covered.

Suggested Pairings

Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to experimenting with our terpene formulations. Any flavor can be paired with any other, and our Enhancers are no exception! If you’re looking for recommendations, our experts suggest these pairings for a particularly nice blend with kush strains:

A Cut Above the Rest

Did you know it isn’t standard practice for terp manufacturers to use cleanrooms? That’s where we stand apart — through superior quality control and using an ISO 7, 10,000 cleanroom, we guarantee you the highest quality, cleanest, purest terpene formulations on the market.

Don’t see something you want? Contact Us. Custom sizes and bulk pricing available!