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.25mL, 1mL, 5 mL, 25g, 50g, 100g, Enhancers Sample Pack

What’s in our Gasify Enhancing Solution?

  • 100% food-grade ingredients and our top-secret proprietary blend.
  • 0% THC/CBD compounds
  • Includes: 1 disposable dropper
  • Sizes: .25 mL, 1 mL (0.8 g); 5mL (4.2 g); 30 mL (25 g); 60 mL (50 g); 120 mL (100 g)
  • Recommended dose: 5%-20%

Made in the U.S.A.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most expansive libraries of terpene formulations in the U.S. Every product in The Terpene Store is crafted, tested, and shipped to you directly from our headquarters in California.

Expertly Curated Pairings

When first experimenting with terps, it can be hard to find what flavor and aroma profiles play best. Here are some of our favorite gassy strains that pair exceptionally well with Gasify Enhancing Solution:

Those are just some ideas though. All of our flavors are compatible with each other, and that means our Enhancers can always Enhance the flavors you want!

From Grassroots to Industry Pioneers

Our story began in a kitchen with nothing but a passion and curiosity for terpene formulations and their role in flavors and aromatics. Today, we are recognized as The Flavor House of the Cannabis Industry — an honor we strive to meet with every product we produce.

Don’t see something you want? Contact Us. Custom sizes and bulk pricing available!