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Volume and Weight

1 mL = 0.8 g, 5 mL = 4.2 g, 30 mL = 25 g, 60 mL = 50 g, 120 mL = 100 g

What to Expect from This Blend

  • Our own proprietary terpene blend
  • 100% food-grade ingredients
  • 0% THC/CBD compounds
  • 1 disposable dropper
  • Volume and Weight: 1 mL = 0.8 g, 5 mL = 4.2 g, 30 mL = 25 g, 60 mL = 50 g, 120 mL = 100 g

Powerful Scents and Flavors

At The Terpene Store, we don’t just design aromas for stress relief. We want to deliver the best, strongest flavors possible in our terpene products. Through a thorough refinement process, we manage to purify terpenes to industry-leading levels. The result is over 200 possible flavors available throughout the store.

Infuse into Your Cannabis

Infuse this soothing scent into your cannabis flower with the Terpifuse Bucket System. The system includes all the tools you need for proper infusion: a 5-gallon airtight bucket, a mesh bag, gel beads, a riser, 5 storage labels, and a bottle of Terpifuse solution. You can bring aromas and flavors you never thought possible to your next batch of cannabis.

Self-made Standards

There aren’t rigorous standards to follow in the terpene industry, so we made our own. We use a cutting-edge ISO 7, Class 10,000 cleanroom environment to maximize our refining efforts. We want to eliminate any possibility of heavy metals, residual solvents, and other contaminants from our terpene products, so you get pure and simple soothing scents and wonderful flavors.

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