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5 Non-Cannabis Uses for Terpenes

While they’re great for enhancing your smoking and vaping experiences, what else are terpenes used for? Just like different strains of bud produce different effects, different terpenes can produce different physiological responses. For instance, Terpineol is a potential antioxidant that can induce relaxation, while Pinene’s citrusy aroma profile can make you feel more alert and improve brain function. With all of the diverse functions terpenes can provide, it’s easy to wonder how else we could harness their power (besides infusing cannabis). 

Here are 5 non-cannabis ways you can use terpenes:

1. Drinks

Whether you’re getting crafty with cocktails, brewing beer in your garage, or simply looking for a way to upgrade your A.M. smoothie, terpenes are a great way to add complexity to your beverage formulations. Not only have they been shown to minimize discomfort (hello, hangover-remedy), but terpenes are great to use for what you always need when crafting cocktails and home-brews: flavors or aromas.

2. Food

The same goes for food! Terpenes can be used as a super-concentrated flavor extract to add to your recipes. Want to whip up some cotton candy sugar cookies? Use Cotton Candy terpenes to give your batch the flavor and scent of delicious fairy floss. Late-night hunger keeping you up? Add a few drops of a sleep-inducing terp to your late-night munchies to help you settle into a blissful slumber. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

3. Cosmetics and Skincare

Do you know what terpenes are often used for (besides cannabis)? Cosmetics! The cosmetic and skincare industry has been using terpenes in their formulations for many years — which makes perfect sense when you begin to understand how terpenes function. Terpenes are a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances for infusing scent into cosmetics. For instance, some brands will use Haze terpenes to add a citrusy smell that awakens the senses.

Woman applying skincare

4. Lotions and Body Butters

Just like makeup and skincare, terpenes can be incorporated into lotions, hand creams, and body butters. Terpenes are what is used for creating the rich, luscious scents your favorite creams release. They can add flavor, too (think edible massage oils). Who’s to say you can’t use your favorite Pina Colada terps to DIY that expensive body butter you keep buying?

5. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been shown to effectively alleviate symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, restlessness, and more. Once you understand how terpenes function, it’s only natural to realize that terpenes can be used in aromatherapy. For instance, you can diffuse a formulation made with high concentrations of the Myrcene terpene, which has an earthy aroma, to help you feel relaxed, lightly sedated, and help you get a better night of sleep.

scent diffuser

So what are terpenes used for (besides bud)? Anything, really!

There truly are no limitations to how creative you can get. Each terpene profile has its own unique characteristics and the potential to produce whatever desired effects you’re aiming for. The only question is: what are you going to make first?  

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