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Differences Between Synthetic, Botanical, and Cannabinoid Terpenes

different types of terpenes in bottles

Though most commonly associated with cannabis, terpenes are aromatic compounds found in most plants, not just marijuana! These compounds are what give plants lavender, lemon, pine, and (of course) cannabis their distinct aromas. They can be used to enhance flavors and scents in extracts, cosmetics, food, drinks, cartridges, and more. Research suggests they’re also pretty good for you: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and can help magnify the effects of other compounds they come into contact with. 

While most people tend to believe all terpenes are derived from cannabis, they’re usually surprised to find out that there are actually different types of terpenes. You have terps derived from cannabinoids, terps derived from plants, and synthetic terpenes produced in a lab.

different types of terpenes in bottles

Let’s get into what sets each of them apart:

Cannabinoid Terpenes

As the name implies, these are terpenes sourced directly from the cannabis flower. Companies and individuals have diverse reasons for using or not using cannabis-derived terps. For one, the extraction process is much more complicated, which makes it more expensive. Secondly, terpenes derived from marijuana may contain trace amounts of THC, making it illegal in some countries and US states.

They are also not usually suggested for therapeutic use. About 70% of cannabis’ essential oil, which is where its terpenes can be found, contains many compounds with unknown qualities that may not complement the therapeutic values.

bottle of cannabinoid terpenes

Synthetic Terpenes

These terpenes are meticulously designed and crafted in labs by chemists. Extractors most commonly produce synthetic terps through dilution, redistilling, and reconstruction. This way, chemists can extract the purest terpenes possible.

That’s the primary benefit of synthetic terpenes: they’re the most basic of chemical building blocks. That means your terps are going to be potent, have accurate flavor profiles, and can be combined to make any flavor imaginable.

Botanical Terpenes

Plant-derived terpenes can mimic marijuana’s natural aromas and flavors. This makes it possible for us to profile match the exact terpene spectrums of a particular strain. The entire extraction processes for our ingredients always come from organic and natural sources, such as plants, keeping the flavors rich without relying on harmful additives.

Botanical terps are chemically identical to cannabinoid terpenes, so you can produce the same flavors and scents without using cannabis as a source. The extraction process is also easier than cannabis, so it costs less without compromising on quality.

bottle of botanical terpenes

While there are different types of terpenes, one is not necessarily better than the others. It ultimately boils down to what your preferences and needs are. 

Why does The Terpene Store stick to plant-derived terps? We’ve found that cannabis-derived terps tend to result in ropey and hempy formulations. We refuse to compromise on the consistency of our quality, so we stick to using botanical terpenes. 

Our Master Pack is an affordable way to become introduced to different types of terpene flavors at once. Try them for yourself and see which is your favorite today!

If you have any questions or would like to get more information about terpenes, don’t be shy and drop us a line. Our team is eager to help!

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