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Top 10 Sources for Non-Cannabis Derived Terpene Extracts

Non-cannabis fruits and flavors for terpene extracts

It’s a common misconception that all terpenes come from some part of the marijuana plant. But the truth is that terpenes come from natural botanical sources as well. This article will discuss some of the major non-cannabis sources for terpene extracts. We’ll break it down by some of the most common or most interesting terpenes, so you can see where your favorites come from. As you’ll probably notice, there is some overlap between sources because certain fruits and flowers have more than one kind of terpene.

1) Myrcene: Mangoes

Mango Synfinite flavor terpene extract

Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes you can find. It gives off a rich, musky flavor that will leave you wanting more. You can extract this terpene from hops, mangoes, and lemongrass. That leads to tailor-made mango flavor terpene formulations that are as true to the mango taste as you can get!

2) Pinene: Parsley

Another well-known terpene, Pinene has a refreshing piney scent. Want to know how to extract this terpene? Look for parsley, basil, and orange peels to boil out this earthy flavor. Bring the rich aroma of the forest with you anywhere and everywhere.

3) Humulene: Hops

It might smell like hemp, but this terpene can be extracted from botanical sources. Humulene can be found in hops, sag, and ginger root. Its scent and flavor is hoppy and herbal. You don’t need to order an IPA to get that same earthy aroma.

4) Terpinolene: Apples

Apple Synfinite flavor terpene extract

Terpinolene is a less common and harder to find terpene. But if you want to know how to extract this terpene, you’ll need to find lilacs, apples, or nutmeg. The complex aroma profile will be well worth the effort. We love a crisp and tasty apple flavor created entirely from botanically derived terpenes!

5) Linalool: Lavender

This terpene is one of the quintessential non-cannabis flavors. It can be found in over 200 plants. Some of the most common sources are lavender, rose, and basil. Get those plants if you want to know how to get a botanical source for your terpene extracts. It has the kind of delightful, floral aroma you’d expect from such lovely flowers and herbs.

6) Caryophyllene: Cloves

Unlike some other terpenes, the name of this one doesn’t easily give away the source. But never fear. You can find caryophyllene in black pepper, cloves, and black caraway. You won’t forget its distinctive spicy flavor. When you use this terpene, everyone will wonder what delicious food you’ve been cooking.

7) Limonene: Lemons

Another wildly popular option is Limonene. We bet you can guess where it comes from. This terpene can be extracted from lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits. That sweet, citrusy taste and smell is unmistakable. We’ve got our very own Lemon Squeeze flavor that really hits the spot.

Lemon Squeeze Synfinite flavor terpene extract

8) Ocimene: Orchids

Ocimene isn’t as well-known as some of the other terpene extracts on this list, but it’s got a dynamite sweet and floral aroma. Basil, orchids, and mint are good non-cannabis sources for this hidden gem. Using this terpene is like taking a walk through a fresh herb garden.

9) Geraniol: Roses

This one is often described as rosy or waxy in its flavor and aroma. If you’ve got a greenthumb or just an appreciation for pleasant smelling flowers, you can find the Geraniol terpene extract in common plants like geraniums, citronella, or roses. Even in the middle of the busiest cities, you can step out and smell the roses.

10) Cymene: Tangerines

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to extract the flavors of spring and fall in a single terpene, then you should really get to know Cymene. It’s best found in carrots, tangerines, and oregano. And it has a woody, down to earth scent that can’t be missed. We’re certainly big fans of our Tangerine flavor.

Tangerine Synfinite flavor terpene extract

The Wonderful World of Non-Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis plants are a wonderful source of terpene extracts. But other sources provide a more pure extraction process, leading to richer and more potent flavors. They can be extracted without using solvents and they have all the same advantages of cannabis derived terpenes.

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