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The Terpene Store now features over 70 Synfinite Flavors in our extensive library of terps — including an assorted range of fruit terpenes. Our fruity terps taste and smell like the real thing and make amazing enhancements to any flower or formulation.

As with all the products in our massive Flavor House, every terpene is botanically derived and contains zero cannabinoids (THC), fillers, or contaminants. We’re committed to using safe, high-quality ingredients that deliver the taste and aroma you know and love.

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Botanically-Derived Fruit Terpenes

The Terpene Store is one of the only sites that offers botanically derived terpenes exclusively. What does that mean? Our growing library of terps is sourced directly from botanicals. That means there are no harmful, synthetic ingredients, artificial fillers, and zero cannabinoids. All of the ingredients we use for our fruit terpenes are lab-tested, FDA-approved, and food-grade, making them completely safe for consumption.

Using Our Terpenes

When it comes to using our tooty-fruity terps, you can get as creative as you want. Our terpenes can be used in food, beverages, diffusers, lotions, cartridges, flower blends, and more. Be sure to read our mixing guide to learn all the ways you can use our botanically derived terpenes to enhance your formulations. Each terp comes with its own disposable dropper for your convenience.

Check out our full selection of Synfinite Flavor terpenes here.

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