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The Terpene Store’s expansive library contains 70+ Synfinite Flavors. Our selection of Drink terpenes features some of your favorite flavors — Caramel MacchiatoColaPina Colada, and Root Beer just to name a few. Buy terpenes with your favorite drink flavors and level up your formulations today. Bottoms up!

Every terpene in our Flavor House is botanically derived and does not contain any cannabinoids (THC), fillers, or pollutants. We remain committed to only using the safest, highest quality ingredients available without compromising the taste or smell that The Terpene Store products are best known for.

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Buy Terpenes of Superior Quality

All the products available in The Terpene Store are botanically derived — that means we source our terps directly from plants. They contain 0% cannabinoids, artificial fillers, and synthetic ingredients. All of our flavored terpenes undergo various rounds of quality checks so we can confidently guarantee that your terpene orders are safe, pure, and of superior quality each and every time.

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Using Drink Terpenes

As with all the terps in our flavor house, our drink-flavored terpenes contain only lab-tested, FDA-approved, and food-grade ingredients so they can be used in all kinds of formulations. You can enhance flower blends, foods, isolates, vape cartridges, topicals, and (of course) beverages. Get as creative as you want! It’s important to remember that our terpenes are highly concentrated — so start low and go slow. Refer to our mixing guide for more info.

Each terpene you buy comes with its own disposable dropper to avoid cross-contamination between flavors.

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The Terpene Store team is ready to answer any questions you might have. Don’t be shy and reach out to us!

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