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Hope you saved room for dessert!

The Terpene Store’s growing library of terpenes contains over 70 Synfinite Flavors for you to enjoy — including some of your favorite treat-inspired sweet terps. Our Dessert terpenes include fun, tasty, and aromatic profiles like Banana Nut BreadKey Lime Pie, and Rainbow Sherbet. All crafted by our in-house experts, these are the best terps for carts, blends, and any sweet-tooth formulation you create.

As always, the terps on our site are exclusively botanically derived and contain 0% cannabinoids (THC) — so you can enjoy them legally wherever you are. When you choose The Terpene Store, you’re choosing pure, clean, superior quality products, guaranteed.

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Sweet Terps

Our growing collection of dessert-inspired terpenes taste and smell just like your favorite mouth-watering desserts. With our terps, your formulations will inspire the sweet, sugary nostalgia of your childhood treat favorites! As with all the terps in our expansive library, they contain no cannabinoids, artificial fillers, or harmful ingredients. All of our products contain only FDA-approved, food-grade ingredients — so go ahead, give ‘em a taste!

Check out our full selection of Synfinite Flavor terpenes here.

Using Terpenes

Feel free to get as creative as you want. Our terps are best for carts, beverages, foods, flower blends, isolates, lotions, and even cosmetics. Be sure to check out our mixing guide to learn more. Each bottle of sweet terps also comes with its own disposable dropper to help avoid cross-contamination between flavor profiles.

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