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Cereal is always a good idea — that’s why we couldn’t resist creating our deliciously enticing cereal flavored terps as part of our Synfinite Flavors line. Infuse these yummy flavor profiles into your blends, flower, vape pen cartridge refills, and more for a perfectly nostalgic upgrade.

From Cinnamon Toast to Trick Cereal to Fruity Cereal, we’ve got all the classic flavors you know and love. Check them out now!

All the cereal terpenes featured in our flavor house are free of harmful additives and ingredients. Since they’re botanically derived, they’re also cannabinoid-free — so they’re legal, too!

Try our cereal-inspired terps today and see for yourself why they’re cereal-lously the best.

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The Vape Pen Cartridge Refill You Crave

If you’re as obsessed with cereal as we are, you’re going to love our cereal terps. They taste and smell just like all the classic staple brands you love. Use our cereal-inspired terps to infuse the taste and aromatics of your favorite oldies-but-goldies into your formulations, flower, and vape cartridges. All of the cereal terpenes on our site are sourced from botanicals and don’t contain any cannabis additives, synthetic ingredients, or foreign contaminants. Each terp contains food-grade, FDA-approved ingredients totally safe for consumption. Every bottle also comes with its own individual dropper.

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How to Use Our Terps

Use your imagination! When it comes to how you use our terpenes, there are no limitations. Since all of our terpenes are lab-tested, safe, and pure — you can use them to enhance your flower, mix cocktails, formulate edibles, cosmetics, vape pen cartridge refills, and so much more. Refer to our mixing guide for some pointers.

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