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Our line of Synfinite Flavors features over 70 unique and enticing flavor profiles — including our sweet Candy terpene collection. We’ve got all the sweet, sugary flavors and aromas reminiscent of your favorite confectionary treats like Blue RazzChocolateBubble GumCotton Candy, and then some.

All the products available in The Terpene Store are extracted exclusively from botanicals and completely devoid of harmful additives and cannabinoid ingredients — making them 100% clean, safe, and completely legal. You get the exact terpene taste and aroma you need without compromising your wellbeing.

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Sweet Terpenes

Life is short — make it sweet. Our candy terps can help. Our candy-flavored terpenes are perfect for adding a sweet, sugary taste and smell to all of your formulations. Since all of our terpenes contain only clean, food-grade, FDA-approved ingredients, they are safe to use and consume in any way you choose to mix them.

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Using Our Candy Terps

Sweeten things up however you want. There are no limits to how you mix our sweet terpenes! Capture the same mouth-watering allure you get from your favorite candies in your drinks, edibles, isolates, vape carts, flower, and more. Our candy terpenes infuse the taste and aromatics you know and love into all your mixtures. Just remember to start low and go slow. Our mixing guide is a great resource to help get you going.

For your convenient use, each terp formulation comes with its own dropper!

Need More Help?

The Terpene Store team is always ready to help answer any questions that may come up along the way, so don’t be shy about reaching out to get some answers. Drop us a line! We’re happy to help!

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