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The Terpene Store’s extensive library of over 100 strain-specific terpenes features a wide assortment of sativa terpenes perfect for those seeking to boost creativity and alertness. These sativas are always pure, high quality, and FDA-approved. Because they aren’t cannabis derived, there’s no CBD/THC in these products.

Botanically-Derived Sativa Terpenes

Our collection of sativa terps maintain their botanical origins allowing you to enjoy these uplifting terpenes without worrying about them containing any cannabis derivatives or tasting synthetic. They’re ideal for enjoying right before diving into something creative (like painting or writing) or while you’re getting things done around the house.

Check out our full list of sativa terp flavors here.

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What are Sativas?

Unlike indicas, sativas are best for daytime use as they typically produce an energizing and uplifting effect. They are great for helping users heighten their focus, clear their heads, and get their creative juices flowing. Sativas are also helpful for people coping with depression, migraines, nausea, or appetite loss.

That’s where our terpenes come in. Adding terpenes brings out the rest of the spectrum of components that make up the flower. That means your flower won’t just taste better. Our terpenes will bring out benefits that will immediately be apparent when you try them in your product.

Using Sativa Terpenes

There are no limits to how you can use our sativa terps in your formulations. Whether you want to add it to your morning cold brew to arouse your creativity or infuse it into your favorite lotion for a double-duty moisturizer, the possibilities truly are endless. Our mixing guide provides helpful tips and inspiration on all the ways you could use these uplifting terpenes and more.

Each strain comes with its own disposable dropper for your personal use.

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