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Looking for something to help you relax? The Terpene Store’s wide selection of products now features more than 100 strain specific terpenes for you to enjoy, including an expansive range of indica terpenes perfect for promoting sleep and helping you mellow out. All the indica terps in our flavor house are pure, superior quality, FDA-approved, and free of any cannabis derivatives. They do not contain any THC or CBD.

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Botanically-Derived Indica Terpenes

As with all the terpenes on our site, our indica terps are botanically derived, allowing you to enjoy your favorite bedtime flower strain without worrying about any artificial taste or cannabinoid ingredients. They are perfect for settling in to relax and getting you ready to catch up on sleep.

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What are Indicas?

Indica strains are most commonly associated with creating a soothing, relaxing effect, making them our go-to terpenes for sleep aid. They are said to help with reducing stress, pain, and anxiety. Indicas are also the preferred strain for medical patients as this specific strain also helps with nausea and increasing appetite. Adding our terpenes boosts the natural effects of this strain. Our terps aren’t just additional flavor — they’re flavor enhancements!

Using Indica Terps

Your creativity is your only limit in how you decide to use our products. Whether you want to use our terpenes for sleep by incorporating them into a bed-time beverage or adding them to your wax to elevate your experience, our mixing guide provides all the tips and inspiration you need.

Each strain comes with its own disposable dropper for your convenience.

Let’s Talk!

Don’t see the flavor you want? Maybe you’re on to something. Let’s make some magic.

Your satisfaction is our priority! The Terpene Store team is always ready to answer any questions you may have or provide any guidance on helping you choose the right strain of indica terpenes. Contact us for more information!

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