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The Terpene Store’s expansive library features over 100 terpene strains to choose from, including a growing selection of hybrid terpenes. Like all the products in our flavor house, our hybrid terps are high quality, FDA-approved, and free of any cannabis derivatives or THC/CBD.

What are Strains?

Strains are basically different breeds of flower grown to have specific effects on users. While terps themselves have an array of health benefits, some bud strains are better for achieving certain desired effects. Indica is a more chill, relaxing strain, sativa is more uplifting and energizing, and hybrids are a combination of the two.

Common types of hybrid strains are typically classified as being sativa-dominant hybrids (like Sour Apple) or Indica-dominant hybrids (like Ice Cream Cake). Hybrids are often preferred by consumers over pure sativas and indicas because their effects are fairly well-balanced. In other words, hybrids deliver the best of both worlds.

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Botanically-Derived Hybrid Terpene Strains

Whether you’re looking to reduce your anxiety or ease symptoms of physical ailments, our botanically-derived strain flavors boost your enjoyment of your favorite hybrid flower strains. You don’t have to worry about them tasting artificial or containing any cannabis, and adding our terpenes will bring out the spectrum of natural building blocks of your flower for an enhanced experience.

Check out our full list of hybrid flavors here.

Using Hybrid Terps

As with all our products, your mind is your only limit in how you decide to use our terpenes. Our mixing guide provides some helpful tips and inspiration on how to mix your hybrid terps into topicals, edibles, cartridges, wax, beverages, and much more.

Each strain comes with its own disposable dropper for your convenience.

Don’t Be Shy!

Don’t see the flavor you want? Have an idea for a flavorful new terpene strain? Let’s make it happen!

To help you shop The Terpene Store with confidence, our team is happy to answer any questions that may arise. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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