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The Terpene Store now offers over 100 strain terpene profiles to choose from in our expansive library. As with all of our flavor house products, our strain specific terpenes are food grade, high quality, pure, and not derived from cannabis. That means they contain 0% THC/CBD and are legal worldwide.

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Our strain-specific terpenes are some of the best tasting terpenes in our flavor house. They remain true to the taste and aroma of your favorite strains while being completely devoid of cannabis derivatives and any psychoactive effects.

Botanically-Derived Strain Terpene Profiles

Thanks to The Terpene Store’s exclusive line of botanically-sourced strain specific terps, you are now able to enjoy all of your favorite flower strains without worrying about them tasting artificial or containing any cannabis derivatives.

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What are Strains?

Strains are essentially different breeds of bud created to have specific effects on users. Terpenes themselves have a wide range of health benefits, but some flower strains are better for certain conditions than others. For instance, Indicas have a more relaxing effect on users, whereas sativas are more energizing. Hybrids, like their name implies, are a combination of both.

Using Strain Specific Terps

Our strain specific terps can be used in vape cartridges, lotions, edibles, beverages, isolates, resin, and more. Don’t forget to check out our mixing guide for tips and ideas on how to mix the best tasting terpenes. Each strain comes with its own disposable dropper for your convenient use.
Check out our full flavor list of strain specific terpene profiles here.

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