Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

Our TERPIFUSE™ Solution has the right ratio of terpenes and humidifying solution to infuse your flower while maintaining optimal humidity levels of 60% RH.
Upgrade your flavors and take your flower to the next level!

Our TERPIFUSE™ Solution works by locking in your flower in our airtight, food grade bucket. After 2-4 days, our solution infuses your material with amazing terpenes and adds a burst of flavor.

The TERPIFUSE™ Solution never comes in physical contact with your flower and the airtight bucket allows your flower to actually become infused.
It truly is a Strain Changer!

  • Can infuse up to 10 pounds (2 pounds at a time, 2-4 days per cycle)
  • $400 for the Complete Bucket Kit
  • Includes the following:
  1. Airtight Bucket and Lid (HDPE and Chemical resistant)
  2. Riser (Chemical resistant)
  3. 500 grams of TERPIFUSE™ Solution tuned to 60% humidity
  4. 25 grams of beads to soak in the solution and regulate humidity
  5. 1 Mesh bag to hold your material
  6. 5 Easy Peel label stickers to help you keep track of your cycles.

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