Our products are not a standalone vapable product. They are meant to be added with an extract product, such a CBD/THC Distillate to add flavor and terpenes back into your finished product.

No, we source most of our terpenes from many different natural sources. Our products have 0% THC. We find that cannabis derived terpenes are very expensive to produce and we find the flavor to be inconsistent and even ropey and hempy. Chemically, botanically derived terpenes are the same as Cannabis derived.

Yes, it is legal in all 50 states. Our products do not contain any THC or CBD and are flavor formulations with a variety of uses. However, please check your state or local laws to determine the legality of making products using The Terpene Store products.

Yes! Please call 855 TERPENE (837-7363) or email us at to see if you qualify.

Yes! We work with various agencies all throughout the world and can help you meet compliance to work with our products safely.

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